mai 092013

La célèbre solution de gestion de la satisfaction client en ligne Get Satisfaction propose son propre livre dans la série « Pour les nuls ». Il s’agit de « Customer Communities For Dummies », téléchargeable gratuitement en format PDF (44 pages).

Customer communities are online spaces preferred by today’s social customer to connect with the companies they care about. Customer-centric companies are leveraging community to deliver outstanding support, collect and prioritize product ideas, and acquire new customers through customer-generated marketing content.

The Customer Communities for Dummies eBook gives you everything you need to get started and achieve great results with community, including:

  • What is a branded customer community
  • Simple steps to create a community and drive customer participation
  • How you can leverage the voice-of-customers for support and marketing content
  • Ten examples of companies getting it right, the value they’re realizing, and how they measure it

Customer Communities For Dummies

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