Offre d’Emploi: Head of digital content

Poste: Head of digital content
Entreprise: ICRC Geneva
Lieu: Geneva

Main responsibilities
Editorial supervision and coordination of global platforms
Develop and manage the ICRC’s content strategy, ensuring that the website, social media channels and other digital external platforms reflect the ICRC’s public communication priorities;
Lead on a narrative-driven and audience-centric approach to digital communications;
Work closely and efficiently with PR and Media team’s management to time content to the priority of the day and week, with a willingness to roll up his or her sleeves in times of crisis communications. Ability to liaise with many stakeholders and provide direction to the team;
Oversee the creation of content (video footage, photos, graphics, infographics, and audio) tailored for digital consumption by various external audiences, including the general public, and online and broadcast media. Manage content tied digital campaigns, both short-term and multi-year;
Manage operational and reputational crises in a systematic and coordinated way;
Ensure timely delivery and quality of digital content pushed through global digital channels;
Develop content in support of the ICRC’s digital fundraising efforts;
Familiarity with digital fundraising best practices is a plus;
Provide digital strategy in our approach to working with partners, such as communities affected by crises and Movement communications;
Demonstrate excellent editorial skills, managing a range of posts and pages with a critical eye and bias towards clarity.
Guidance and support to delegations/HQ entities
Develop the ICRC’s integrated content strategy, comprising social media and digital communication infrastructure and processes, visual guidelines, editorial style guidelines, service level agreements, and best practices;
Support the empowerment of local delegations and regional communications offices, providing education and guidance as the global platforms and content strategy evolves over time. Create strong relationships to key stakeholders in those regions;
With strong management skills across a distributed network of individual contributors, develop the ability of the team to guide, support and train colleagues in delegations and at headquarters managing their own digital platforms.
Management of people
Lead the editorial team in an effective and efficient manner and in accordance with the ICRC’s People Leadership and Management principles (PLM).Ensure clear roles and responsibilities and proper assignment of tasks within the team.Manage the team through the shift from centralized content development to a decentralized approach.Oversee recruitment, training and development of the team’s staff members.Ensure in particular that the team constantly adapts to the rapid development of new technologies and of the digital landscape.

Source: Geneva Communicators Network

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